Gianni Dragone


Born in Alberobello, he began working as a self-taught artisan, manufacturing metals and cheap jewelry (silver, brass, copper).

In order to improve his manufacturing techniques, he moved to Rome to attend a course for goldsmiths at the “Insieme per fare” (”Together to create”) Private Institute.

Back in Puglia, he had taught “Fashionable Accessories” for two years as a teacher for a course for stylists at the ENAIP Institute (Artisan and Small Industries Activities) of Martina Franca, and reopened the workshop in the picturesque Monti quarter, in Alberobello.

He and his present wife (an expert in leather manufacturing) work in productive synergy which is, up to and including today, one of the most original in the region.Moreover, as the group leader of the Alberobello Artisans’ Consortium (CO.ART.A.), he is engaged in the promotion and diffusion of local handicraft.